New Website Information For You

New Website Information For You


Undead Inc's New store is now live!

&Things have changed a bit! so lets go over a few things


We tried to make the move as seamless as possible for you, Your customer accounts can be accessed as per normal, if you have any problems logging in just choose reset password and follow the prompts to change your password

Rewards Points

Awesome points are out, Deadly Points are now the new loyalty point system, The rewards system is changing, currently the new Deadly Points are COMING SOON,

as the new system is yet to launch.

You will keep all your points that you acquired on the old platform. If you had vouchers that were redeemed and not used, don't worry, these points have been refunded to your balance, so when the new system launches all you have to do is go and redeem your voucher again once the new system is available


The old gift card system is not compatible with our new platform, this means gift card codes will no longer work at checkout, if you have a gift card with outstanding balance please contact us with your gift card number, We will make a new number for you to use on the new website, this also goes for people who may have had some remaining balance left on their card, contact us with the card number and we will make a new code for your remaining balance.


Unfortunately youpay is not currently available on our new platform, and so it is no longer available, We have been talking to youpay about this and we will be in talks with them as they work on adding their system to our platform. So please rest assured, as soon as we can have it back, it will be available again.

All other payment options are still available at checkout


Search results may not be 100% at the moment, as we are still working on data entry for this, so if you aren't finding what your after please browse by the main menu collections instead

We have worked hard on the new website, to make it more mobile friendly, faster to load, and a better experience for you.

However we are bound to have some teething issues with the initial launch, so help us out, if you have any problems, experience any bugs or any issues at all please contact us via email or facebook inbox and let us know

15th Sep 2022

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