Deadly Points

Deadly Points

The new Undead Inc rewards!

What are Deadly Points?

Deadly Points are our loyalty rewards, you can collect rewards points by completing different interactions including making a purchase, Leaving A Review and Creating an account. These points can be used to redeem discount codes for your Undead Inc purchases

Where you a member of the O.G Undead Inc Awesome Points System?

Well first of all we appreciate you as a long time customer! While we had hoped to streamline any points you had on the previous system to be back with you automatically, unfortunately this wasn't possible, we delayed the launch of the points system while we worked with the developers to try and work out how we could make that happen, but unfortunately it wasn't possible.

But don't worry heres what we can do, If you were a member of our previous rewards system (Awesome Points) you can contact us with the name and email you where enrolled with on the old system, we will check your old account and manually apply any points you had back to you in the new system, as we still have all this information on file. Before contacting us please check and ensure you are enrolled in the new deadly points system so your account is ready for the points to be applied

Steps to get old points back are, Click the deadly points icon in the bottom left hand corner of the website, and sign up to the new points system, after doing so contact us and we can check your old points and add them to your new account you just created in the deadly points system

8th Feb 2023

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